Houses Mixes

samedi 4 juillet 2009

Harmony & Peace (Soulful Mix)

1. Soulmate - Mr. Moon & Angel D. Feat. Micheal Flaming
2. First Kiss (Jihad muhammed Full Vocal Movement Mix - Vick lavender Feat. Carla Prather
3.Evil Ways (Louis Bendetti Remix) - Richelle
4. Give In - White Soul project
5. Love Commandments - Gisele Jackson
6. The seaside (Original Mix) - Sasha Alazy Ft. The Voice of Rita
7. Just a little Thing (Deeper Mix) - PSP
8.Timeless (Orange Factory Mix) - Gazzara
9.Does It (Peter Munch Re-Edit) - Computer paul Feat. Michelle Amador
10. One more time(Sean Nccabe Main Vocal Mix) - Divas Of color
11. Beautiful Soul (Anthony Nocholson Vocal Mix) - Craig Alexander Ft. Lah
12. Down So Long Feat Jacquita - Muzzaik

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